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Virtual Visits are on!

School has been in session for almost two months now. Teachers and students are finding their groove in this brave new world, whether online or in person. Trust me, that's not an easy thing.

Parents are handling kids learning on hybrid schedules.

I mean, how do you manage your elementary aged child while they attend online and keep up with your own work at the same time? How do you make sure your middle school or high school child is getting the advanced concepts that you left behind years ago, and, let's face it, maybe you weren't too comfortable with it back then either? Maybe you were never exposed to the material. It's tough on everybody.

The good news is that elementary kids are beginning to blend into a normal five-day schedule in many places. It's a start. But we still worry about their health in this Covid world, ours too. We'll get there, together.

For me and a lot of other children's authors, there's the new adventure of virtual presentations. Mine began today. I will first confess to you that I slept for all of three hours last night. The seventy-eight things that could go wrong kept dancing a tango in my head.

And it's not because we didn't prepare. My contact at the school was on top of every detail. She worked with teachers, classrooms, and with me as much as it was possible to prepare. In addition, I did test runs with my daughter, a kindergarten teacher, taking advantage of her extensive knowledge of this new system, then wrote my own bulleted list of things that would make the visit go well.

We could not have been more prepared...and yet I lay awake counting backwards and listening to soothing music at 3AM.

This is so not my style! I am a "go with the flow, grow where you're planted, monitor and adjust" sort of girl. I'm experienced at school presentations and can handle most anything.

And yet there I was.

Guess what? The day was just about as perfect a day as you could ever ask for. My contact did a final check, early this morning and we were off. We had small glitches but nothing that stopped us for long. The teachers were amazing! You could tell they were prepared and had been handling this new way of doing things long enough to roll with it. The kids mostly kindergarten, except for one third grade class, didn't fuss or act up when we needed to adjust. They participated and did it well.

Things couldn't have been better.

Who, me worry?

Anyway, here's a shout out to the diligent, versatile teachers and staff at Robert E. Cashion Elementary. Y'all rock.

Educators everywhere rock.

Tomorrow, first grade. We've got this.!

***If you're interested in a virtual visit, click here.

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