I love doing author appearances.  I present to all ages, even adults. I don’t require or handle book sales, but I’ll be happy to stay and autograph books which you can order through any vendor. 

***Book sales and signings are also possible for virtual visits.***

Presentations vary somewhat by the dynamics of the group but tend to run 40-50 minutes. 


Virtual visits reflect the content below but  are tailored to individual class needs and state standards.  Single class virtual visits for E-learning are shorter than traditional visits in order to manage the specific needs of E-learning.  In turn, they cost less. This allows individual teachers to take advantage of visits using the virtual format.  I will plan with you to make our visit as productive and as fun as possible.


  • I accept Venmo and Paypal as well as traditional school checks.

  • Click here to see a video that shows some of the topics your visit may include. 

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***All presentations touch on how I started my writing career at age six. I show photos of myself as a child, my family, and the many steps of the book publishing process. We talk about the writing process and the importance of editing and what it really means to be persistent.


The following presentations are available now.


  • THE PIRATE PRESENTATION.  We discuss the above *** information, plus pirate lingo and a bit of pirate history.  Of course, I also read HOW I BECAME A PIRATE and PIRATES DON’T CHANGE DIAPERS in my best pirate voice.  This presentation is highly interactive and appropriate for all ages.

  • THE TWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS IN SOUTH CAROLINA:  SC history presentation. In addition to the *** info above, we focus on S.C. history using TWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS IN SOUTH CAROLINA which is also available as a board book.  Get ready to sing with this one. I do this presentation year-round, not just at Christmas.  Appropriate for 2nd grade and higher.

  • ART SMART, SCIENCE DETECTIVE; THE CASE OF THE SLIDING SPACESHIP.  This STEM/STEAM friendly presentation uses the *** info above, plus Greek mythology, the connection between science fiction and science fact, telescopes, the planets, stages of the moon, new technologies, and even chemistry as well as the accidental discovery of penicillin. This is a science-packed adventure, filled with technology, history and the arts.  Of course, we read parts of this new chapter book.  Appropriate for 1st-5th grade.

  • The fourth presentation combines any two or all three of the above presentations.  Appropriate for all ages.

  • In addition, I am happy to custom design a presentation to your needs.

  • Sorry, but recordings are not allowed.