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School Visits


I love doing author appearances.  I present to all ages and enjoy working with adults as well.  

This year, I'll offer both in-person and virtual visits.​

***All presentations touch on how I started my writing career at age six. I show photos of myself as a child, my family, and the many steps of the book publishing process. We talk about the writing process and the importance of editing and what it really means to be persistent.

The following presentations are available now.


  1. THE PIRATE PRESENTATION.  We discuss the above *** information, plus pirate lingo and a bit of pirate history.  Of course, I also read HOW I BECAME A PIRATE and/or PIRATES DON’T CHANGE DIAPERS in my best pirate voice.  This presentation is highly interactive and appropriate for all ages.

  2. PIRATE/WRITER’S PROCESS PRESENTATION.  Same as above with the addition of a writing process component.

  3. ART SMART, SCIENCE DETECTIVE; THE CASE OF THE SLIDING SPACESHIP.  This STEM/STEAM friendly presentation uses the *** info above, plus Greek mythology, the connection between science fiction and science fact, telescopes, the planets, stages of the moon, new technologies, and even chemistry as well as the accidental discovery of penicillin. This is a science-packed adventure, filled with technology, history and the arts.  Of course, we read parts of this chapter book and end with a teacher/student reader’s theatre. Appropriate for 1st-5th grade.

  4. This presentation combines any of the above presentations.  Appropriate for all ages.

  5. In addition, I am happy to custom design a presentation to your needs.

  6. For teachers and literacy groups, I’ll plan with you to deliver the type of presentation you’d like to have at your event.


  • Sorry, but recordings are not allowed.


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