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Life in the Time of COVID

It's a challenge for sure. Do you choose virtual school? Do you go with in-person? How do you help your kids with online learning and work at the same time? Who's going to watch them? For teachers, how do you teach in person or online or both when the schedule is unpredictable. Teachers and parents are facing situations that seem to have no good

solution. It's new territory for all of us; me included.

Most children's authors make a great deal of their income through school visits so we're changing over to virtual right now. Most teachers and schools are just getting used to this brave new world, so they aren't ready to jump in and invite authors for virtual visits until they have a good idea of how their day will look.

So, here's my take. Lets learn and create it from scratch together. Teachers, parents, kids, you can do this. I'll be right there with you when you're ready. I can't wait to be part of your day again.

If you want to know about virtual visits, click here.


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