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I Love Halloween

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays. I mean, kids and adults dressing up and having fun--what's not to like? My husband and I do love answering the door to all the ghosties and creepy-crawlies, but the last couple of years we've gone out on the front porch with his guitar and my ukulele to play a few scary songs while trick-or-treaters roam the neighborhood. Tonight we played infamous hits like Monster Mash, Spooky, and Flyin' Purple People Eater. What a hoot. Afterwards, I came back inside to relax. I was completely thrilled to find the above picture on my Twitter Feed. I get a lot of great pirate photos from different groups, but this one made my day. Ms. Bright and her class went all out to be pirates even down to the her braided beard. This is even more special to me because Ms. Bright was one of my son's favorite teachers when he was in elementary school. She believed in him and that made all the difference. Here's to a wonderful Halloween, to Ms. Bright's amazing pirate crew, and especially to the teachers who make a huge difference in our lives.


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