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Art Smart, Science Detective

The Case of the Sliding Spaceship

Melinda Long

Illustrated by Monica Wyrick

ISBN 978-1-61117-935-4

ISBN 978-1-61117-936-1


When Art and his friends—Robbie, Jason, and Amy—have a sleepover, they decide to use Art’s telescope for some stargazing. They are shocked to see a purple spaceship hurtling toward Earth. Art thinks Earth is at risk of an alien invasion. What should he do? Should Art and his fellow science detectives alert the authorities, or should they take matters into their own hands?

When the local police don’t seem concerned about Art’s report, the group decides to apply their knowledge of science and critical thinking skills to prepare for the impending attack. They need a plan—and fast!

What transpires as they gear up for the spaceship’s arrival will amuse and educate. Art Smart, Science Detective will appeal to budding scientists and even reluctant young readers as it answers burning questions such as “How close is science fiction to real life?” and “Can peanut butter really keep your brain safe from an alien assault?” This entertaining journey through the science of the sky is easily incorporated into middle-grade STEM/STEAM courses.

Rainbow-painted houses, yummy shrimp stew, war heroes, prowling pirates, kudzu monsters, leaping dolphins . . . and a wren in a palmetto tree: that's a South Carolina Christmas! Kids will love exploring this magical southern state in this new board book edition.

Literary Dogs & Their South Carolina Writers Paperback – November 1, 2012

by Edited by John Lane and Betsy Wakefield Teter

Why do writers love dogs? Not always for the same reasons as all the rest of us do. Dorothea Benton Frank's dog Henry teaches her about self-righteous indignation every time she leaves on a book tour. Ron Rash learns to appreciate his misanthropic mutt Pepper after he bites his daughter's suitor. For Tommy Hays the dog is something not even a psychic can separate from the family. For some writers, such as Mary Alice Monroe, a Bermese mountain dog arrives via Swiss Air. For George Singleton, they just wander into his yard.

The connection between dogs and humans in the geographic region known as South Carolina goes back over 10,000 years. There's even a wild dog in the Lowcountry known as the Carolina dog, whose ancestors may have accompanied the first Americans across the Bering ice bridge.

In Literary Dogs & Their South Carolina Writers, 25 of the Palmetto State's most beloved authors introduce you to their most memorable dogs. 

SOTH3 cover jpg.jpg

State of the Heart
South Carolina Writers on the Places They Love, Volume 3

Edited by Aïda Rogers
Foreword by Nikky Finney
Afterword by Cassandra King

ISBN 978-1-61117-902-6
ISBN 978-1-61117-903-3
ISBN 978-1-61117-904-0

A heartfelt collection of personal stories that connect a common past and offer hope for a promising future

For many, South Carolina is a sunny vacation destination. For those who have been lucky enough to call it home, it is a source of rich memories and cultural heritage. In this final volume of State of the Heart, thirtyeight nationally and regionally known writers share their personal stories about places in South Carolina that hold special meaning for them. While this is a book about place, it is ultimately about people's connections to one another, to a complex, common past, and to ongoing efforts to build a future of promise and possibility in the Palmetto State.