Praise for Art Smart

Kirkus Reviews: A brief but lively episode for young STEM pullers, easily bearing a substantial informational load. (Mystery. 9-11)

“Melinda Long delivers mystery, humor, and science nicely wrapped in an exciting and fast-moving plot. Lots of energy and plenty of peanut butter. Children will love this book.”—Nelly Hecker, Furman University


“What a fun way to learn about the night sky and the scientists who have helped us decipher it! Short pages of scientific facts nest inside this rollicking story of good friends with extraterrestrials on their minds. You’ll enjoy the main character, Art Smart, a wise cracking fourth grade ‘science nerd.’”— Kate Salley Palmer, author/illustrator of The Pink House


“Melinda Long’s latest book is a fun combination of science and imagination. Young readers will identify with Art and his friends as young science nerds with vivid imaginations, and everyone will appreciate the ‘Art Adds’ science facts at the end of each chapter. I can’t wait to share this new series with my students!”—Heather Thore, South Carolina Association of School Librarians

From Goodreads

Riley Grant  

Sweet little book about a young boy and his friends as they investigate a UFO siting during a sleepover. 
As a teacher/librarian, I love this book because it hits so many of the things we are looking age appropriate chapter book with non-sassy characters that we (teachers) can use to integrate into ELA or STEAM curriculum. This particular book has a space theme and has facts sprinkled throughout the story. It is a great story to recommend to both my students and teachers!

This book would be of interest to strong readers in lower grades and struggling readers in upper grades as the characters seem to be in third/fourth grade. 


Meagan Hawkins 

As an elementary school teacher, I find this book to be age-appropriate, funny, and wonderfully educational. I love how so many facts about space are folded so nicely into the story. Each chapter leaves you excited to turn the page and keep reading. 

This is an excellent book for younger readers but is also high-interest for older elementary students who may be struggling with reading but want a “cool” book to read. 

As a resident of Greenville, SC, I love reading the book and finding little details about our sweet city. I know my students would LOVE to read about their own town in a published book!